What You Should Know About Child Custody Laws

Sep 3, 2016 1 comment

The custodial parent is the term used for the parent who invests most of time with the child. For that reason, a non-custodial parent is the term used for the parent who invests less time with the child.

Most states have a plan is place, must both moms and dads disagree on custody of the child. Many times, the moms and dads are needed to go to mediation in order to exercise a visitation strategy that both Mom and Dad can decided upon. With mediation, the moms and dads consult with a neutral 3rd party, who then assists the moms and dads to try and solve their distinctions, as they connect to custody.


Nevertheless, if mediation stops working, the moms and dads can then take matters into court. They can provide both sides of their cases to the judge and let them make the decision regarding the custody of the child.


Child custody cases can be incredibly hard and pricey. A shared contract is chosen, since joint custody is most likely to be made use of, than if a judge were to make the choice for the moms and dads.


There are numerous elements that enter into play when it comes to child custody. Since the laws differ from one state to another, it is necessary that a local lawyer be spoken with. Make sure to acquaint yourself with the laws of your state, before moving forward with a child custody case.